Nick Mason in Keynote Interview at ITC 2010

20th September 2010

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason will give the keynote artist interview at this year’s In The City, but says he will be in Manchester to learn rather than pontificate.

Mason, who is also Featured Artists Coalition co-chairman, will appear in conversation with FAC CEO Jeremy Silver in what is one of the most high-profile slots at ITC.

Mason explains that, in his role as co-chairman of the FAC, he wants to rhapsodise about the artists organisation. But Mason insists he will not simply be in the north west to preach the group’s gospel, insisting he also wants to learn what artists attending next month’s conference think the FAC should be doing.

“We know what we want to achieve, but it is more a case of talking around it to see where we think new solutions might arrive,” he says. “We are facing a music business that only works for established artists playing live. We [Pink Floyd] had the glory years in which it worked. It seemed so easy compared to how it works now.”

Mason says he will draw on his experience with Pink Floyd in the keynote speech. “There are probably some mistakes we made that might be useful to point out,” he says. “Record companies still have that appeal meaning young bands are prepared to sign things without getting advice.

However, he says the most important thing for him at ITC is for the audience to ask questions during his October 15 chat and give their own opinions. “Let the audience ask what they want. What we want are people who have questions so we can discuss how we operate in this industry,” he says. “I am going there particularly to learn rather than to pontificate.”

In The City co-founder and director Yvette Livesey calls Mason “a passionate and articulate advocate of artist rights”.

“We are honoured he is taking the time to come and talk to our delegates about his career and to share his views of some of the challenges and issues facing the music industry and artists today,” she adds. “Jeremy Silver has done an excellent job as CEO of the FAC and has helped to give artists a voice at a time when they need to be heard.”

 takes place from October 13-15 in Manchester.

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