Call in the specialists!

Thanks to years of working alongside thousands of different musicians within many different contexts, we have an extensive database of professional musicians from all around the world.  This means that, when teachers call for something truly amazing - a chance to learn from the best - then we call in the specialists.  

There a few examples below, but please don't hesitate to contact us if there's something else you're interested in trying or improving.

African and Caribbean musicians


Folk musicians

Where to begin?: the BBC's own Calypsonian in Residence, a South African Gumboot dancer, a Zimbabwean storyteller and Senegal's "Hendrix of the Kora"! Enquire by email Guaranteed to inspire: frenetic fiddlers, spellbinding singers, world-class bodhrán players, and renowned songwriters from across the British Isles. Enquire by email

Jazz musicians


Music industry

All that's Jazz: work with the experts to learn syncopated rhthyms and unusual time-signatures, alternative scales and squeezing out the notes between the notes! Enquire by email A brave new world: get behind the scenes at our networking events and meet the techies, entrepreneurs and promoters making things happen with new business models. Enquire by email


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